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New Zealand is a great place to work. There are nearly 600.000 enterprises in New Zealand. Many of them are called Small to Medium...


Emigrating to a new country can be stressful and traumatic. Where do I start? What about visas? What is the immigration process?


Each year tens of thousands of students come to study in New Zealand to gain internationally recognised education...

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Thinking of starting a new life in another country? New Zealand (also known as Aotearoa – the Land of the Long White Cloud) is a small country with a population of just over 5 million people. It is a land of beauty, peace and a place where you can truly enjoy work-life-balance.

It is also one of the world’s least corrupt countries. Thousands of migrants from all over the world choose to come to this country to work, study and settle. Others come here for a better life for their children.

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New Zealand


The NZ Immigration Department (INZ) develops policies to meet the employment and economic demands. These are revised and updated regularly to meet skills shortages, to invite migrants with the essential skills and to provide excellent pathways to permanent residency for the right people through its Green list and other Visa options.

Around 60,000 migrants arrive in New Zealand each year.

New Zealand needs around 40,000 new workers per year.

Around 76,483 applications for Resident Visa were approved (2021).

New Zealand

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Whatever your reason to migrate, we have decades of experience as we are migrants just like you and have gone through your journey well ahead of you.

We provide a complete range of services from your expression of interest to migrate through to actually facilitating your settlement. This means our team of experts will help you with your enquiries, assist you with your visa application for work or study, IELTS, finding employment, relocation, accommodation and settlement. We are here to help you. All you need to do now, is to contact us to begin your exciting journey.

Thinking of Working, Settling or Studying
in New Zealand?